Burn fat and improve your levels of conditioning without doing a single bit of cardio!

Knowing how to switch your workouts up is vitally important for long term results. Everyone is human, everyone gets bored or can lack motivation. Having a variety of fitness tools in your toolbox is very handy for these times where you just need to shake things up a little bit. Whilst its important to push through plateaus and push yourself to go to the gym when you don’t feel like it, sometimes you just need a new challenge to get you hungry for success again. Here’s a few ways you can design a solid workout using nothing but resistance training!


Try out strongman style training

Exercises such as sled pushing/pulling, atlas balls and tire deadlifts can be adapted into a challenging and effective workout. If you haven’t got a sled, a mat with weights on it works well, zercher squats can be used for atlas balls and you can use a rack pull for the tire deadlifts. These exercises will get your heart rate up and get you breathing heavily!


Circuit training

Circuit training has been used for years to get fitness enthusiasts into better shape, and for good reason! They boost your metabolism, burn loads of calories during the session and show you what a hard workout is! With the rise in popularity of bodyweight HIIT training, circuit training in the traditional sense has taken a bit of a back seat. Try using 4-6 compound resistance exercises in a circuit fashion and watch the fat melt off! Exercises like squats, deadlifts, bench press and barbell rows are all great exercises giving an effective total body workout.

Giant Sets

Have you ever completed 4-8 resistance exercises back to back without rest? If the answer is yes then you know where I’m coming from, if its no then I invite you to try it! It gives a great burn and if can be done in so many ways. For example you could aim for a total body workout or focus on one muscle group to get a ‘pump’. You can literally do anything you like with it and the conditioning you can get out of it is awesome!


Don’t sit down all day

Ok, so this may border along the lines of cardio (maybe) but sitting down all day is one of the major factors in the obesity levels in modern society. Simple things like standing up every 30 mins, getting up to change the T.V channel or taking the stairs all add upp to non-specific conditioning levels. You’d be surprised how this translates into your gym/sport conditioning (check out our blog on marginal gains here)


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