8 of the biggest gym mistakes

These gym mistakes may be slowing down your gains and stopping you seeing the benefit from all the hard work you’ve been putting into your training sessions. So we have put together 8 of the top gym mistakes to stop you from doing the same! This will allow you to see the full benefits of your workouts and smash those goals!

  1. Overuse of cardio and underuse of weights.

Yes, cardio burns calories but you need to change it up. Resistance training with compound lifting will utilise your CNS and therefore will put your body under high amounts of stress, making you work much harder during your workouts and therefore burning more calories. Weights will also keep a stimulus on your muscles to make your body actually keep it and keep your metabolism up at the same time. Keep the cardio short but intense. Lifting weights is what actually shapes your body.

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  1. Not training at all.

Make sure you have discipline. There is no bigger mistake than not even training at all. Have set training days and stick to them. Try to always train on a Monday so you start the week off straight away.

  1. Poor form.

One of the biggest mistakes made in a gym is poor form, by lifting too heavy to soon. Be sensible with the weights you use, it’s not always about lifting heavy. Having a better technique will allow you to progress much quicker and will help to reduce injuries so you can continue training. Make sure you can complete the full set you set out to do with the correct form.

  1. Being Unorganised.

Not following a program will have a massive impact on the results you can achieve. Every workout should reflect your goals, don’t just jump from one bit of free equipment to the next one free, hoping for a pump. Following a program also allows you to track your progress, this will in return help to drive your motivation.


  1. Just going through the motions.

A lot of people get stuck into the same old routine. Try to make sure you’re constantly challenging yourself every workout. Mix it up so you don’t get bored and you continue to progress.

  1. Using DOMS as a guide.

A lot of people tend to use soreness as a guidance to whether they had a good workout or not. If you have an awesome gym session and feel like you tried really hard, if you don’t experience DOMS (Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness) this doesn’t mean that you had a bad workout. It could instead be a really good thing, and could suggest that your body is recovering really well and that your nutrition is really good.

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     7. Using cardio.

Using cardio machines to count the calories you burn as the only factor of how hard you work. – Every individual burns calories at a different rate depending on many different factors.  A machine will not be able to tell you your exact expenditure, just use them as a guide not as gospel.


  1. Wanting results to quickly.

To many people don’t allow themselves the right amount of time in order to get the results you want. – they people expect changes instantly, but the truth of the matter is that consistency will be the key to achieving your goals. It won’t happen overnight but it will happen, if you are consistent and work hard giving your body the right amount of time.

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