Getting enough fluid intake throughout the day is extremely important for your body to carry out normal function, for you to perform well in your workouts and in competitions. If you don’t get enough water you can feel lethargic, tired and in extreme cases can cause some quite serious medical conditions. Here’s a quick run down of why you should be getting enough fluid on board and a few ways you can do this.


Organ Function

From helping to regulate blood pressure & heart rate to waste removal, water plays a large role on every functioning organ in the body. If you do not have enough water, you body will simply enough just shut down. In extreme cases this can cause organ failure and even result in death.


We’ve established that water is needed to keep the body functioning properly, and this has a major effect on performance. It is widely accepted that a 2% drop in hydration can cause a 20% drop in performance! That’s a huge loss when hydration is something so easy to control on a day-to-day basis!



As skin is the largest organ in the body, it will suffer if it doesn’t get enough water. If you’re getting dry, cracked and un-healthy skin, try increasing your daily water intake to help make your skin healthier. We are certainly not beauty therapists, so don’t just take our word for it, if you look up any respectable beauty blogger they will be telling you the same thing.

So, we know why we need to stay hydrated, here’s a quick run down of how…

Drink water regularly

Taking a sip of water regularly is highly recommended. It keeps your body regulating your fluids levels consistently and will also help keep food cravings at bay. If you do feel yourself getting dehydrated, don’t neck 5 pints of water in one go as it tricks your body into thinking it has loads of water and it just passes through without doing the job it was intended for.

Eat foods with a high water content

Water can make up to about 20% of your overall fluid intake, foods such as cucumber, celery and tomatoes have a very high water content – most veg does. Besides all the extra vitamins and minerals and the health benefits they bring along, they also help bulk out salads and meals as they have a lot of un-soluble fiber too! It’s a win-win! Get some decent hydration, vitamins and minerals and make yourself feel full with a solid meal.


Drink different drinks

You don’t always have to drink water, you can drink other beverages such as tea, coffee and squash. Just be careful with these drinks as they can add calories, caffeine or both into your diet which is something you are probably trying to track. Just use them as a way to mix things up!

And finally, just a few quick tips on spotting if you’re dehydrated and if you should drink more water.

If you have headaches regularly – without ruling out medical conditions, a lot of the time drinking more water can help out.

If you urine is a very dark yellow/brown colour – this is a sign of being de-hydrated so you should probably start drinking some more water.


If you have a white tongue – again, this is a sign of being de-hydrated so go and get a glass of water.

Keep an eye out for a follow-up blog where we will cover how much water to drink and few ways of tracking your water intake – hope you liked the post! Thank you for taking the time to read it, if you liked the content and fancy sharing it then by all means, feel free!

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