Client Spotlight – Tom

Tom began his training with D.N.A S&C back in 2014 with an ongoing goal to increase his size, strength and his athletic performance playing right back for his university football team. Tom had already reached a decent level of sports performance, being involved in premiership football academies and successful university teams, but he felt that to push on even further he needed to increase his size and strength. Tom sat down with us and we discussed his goals and any concerns he had about resistance training.

3 years on, Tom is still smashing his goals, and whilst they may have shifted slightly after university finished, it is safe to say that he achieved incredible results with his hard work. Here’s 5 things that Tom would say are most important for anyone starting out in the gym.


Start small but dream big

Break your goals down into smaller chunks that are manageable. It is easy to try and push yourself beyond your limits when you start but this will likely put you off after a month or two. Set small continuous goals that will add up to your overall aim and you will achieve it in a safe and effective way.

Get a program

Having a program helped me stay focused throughout all of my training. The coaches at D.N.A used the analogy that training without a plan is like driving in the dark, and they were so right. It gave me a structure to work off so I knew exactly what I should be doing and when, and more importantly, when I needed advice and coaching, my coach knew exactly where I was in my program and that made the process a hell of a lot easier.


 Don’t stress over the little things

Often people focus in on small details when they’re starting out on their fitness journey. A classic one is if you don’t get enough of one of your macro nutrients on a single day. If you miss out on 5g of protein one day, that’s not going to effect your gains. If you miss targets consistently then that may need looking at, but focus on the big picture!

Eat quality food

No matter what your goal is, proper nutrition is key. For me, I had to increase my food intake, which was awesome, but for the people that have to reduce their food intake, it can be a bit trickier. Eating less is not always best so you should focus on consuming quality foods on a ‘little & often’ basis. Make sure you get your protein on board.


Enjoy it

As much as exercise can be horrible sometimes, the results are so worth it. Enjoy the process and it becomes a hell of a lot easier. After all, you’re making so many positive choices towards a healthier lifestyle that it should be a positive experience. If you can give me a way of enjoying burpees, I’d really appreciate it though.


Check out Toms Instagram here to keep up with his progress. If you want to start on your fitness journey but don’t know where to start, the rest of our blog has handy tips to get you going. For coaching and training programs, head over to our website to view our full catalogue of packages which cover many training goals.


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