8 Tips to Keep You Motivated

Everyone one struggles for motivation when training at some point. Make sure you don’t quit. Try some of these tips to help keep your motivation levels high during training.


Set small, achievable goals

It’s easy to say that you want to run a marathon in 12 months or lose 2 stone in a certain time frame. But it’s important to set more realistic goals along the way. Aim to run half a km further or to squeeze that extra rep on a day to day basis.

Try a new exercise routine

Try a routine that sets weekly challenges and constantly progresses your workouts with a realistic approach. This will help give you a reason to push yourself harder and to supplement your hard work with good diet and nutrition. If you need help, head over to our website to check out our range of programs.


Record your progress

Make sure you track your progress daily. This can be done in a number of ways. Firstly, take progress pictures. You see yourself in the mirror everyday so it’s easy to miss the minor improvements, but the camera won’t ever miss your progress. Try to use the same spot and the same lighting for weekly progress pictures. Check out our members before and after photos here to see what kind of photos to go for. If you are trying to getting stronger, make sure you track each exercise and constantly write down your weights so you can look back each week.


Choose a motivational playlist – make sure you select something upbeat and up tempo and get to work. It has been scientifically proven that exercising to music can help boost your performance in the gym.



Try not to allow your fellow gym goers to catch you talking to yourself, maybe keep it in your head. But talking to yourself, raring yourself up to smash your next workout and a quick pep talk before each set to focus on the exercise is a great way to make sure you get the most out of your training.

Reward yourself

Make sure that if your succeeding with your training, you reward yourself. Treat yourself to a cheat meal, a meal out with friends or new clothes etc. A treat is a great way to keep your motivation high by having that extra motivation to achieve your goals.


Have a Training Partner

There can be huge benefits of having a training partner. Having a partner will push you harder and keep you on track when you start flagging. You can also challenge each other. Having someone to talk to and compete against will also make your workouts much more enjoyable.

Surround yourself with motivation

Hang up motivational pictures on your mirrors, like your favourite athlete or a celeb or just good motivational quotes. You can also have your target goals written in places —refrigerator, calendar, etc. — so it’s a constant reminder to work towards them.


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