5 reasons your fat loss might have slowed down

A lot of  people come across a stage in their life where they struggle shift those last few pounds. Even body builders and athletes will struggle sometimes and this can be due to a stressful lifestyle, bad eating, incorrect training or even prescribed medications. If you are eating healthily and working out correctly but still can’t seem to shift that stubborn belly fat, here a five tips that could help you.

Excessive portion sizes

A common error people make with their nutrition is having excessive portion sizes. It is very misunderstood that how much you eat is just as important as what you eat. Oversized portions are synonymous with an oversized belly because when you eat a lot, your stomach expands and you can become bloated. Research has shown that people will often finish what has been put on their plate, regardless of the portion size. Try using a smaller plate to keep your portion sizes down.


Poor food choices

Remember healthy foods are not calorie free.  For example, almonds, nut butters, coconut oil and avocados are all nutrient-dense foods and are a great addition to a healthy diet but you still have to be cautious of the amount you eat. This is the same for what you drink – especially alcohol. If you’re eating clean all through the week but then load up on alcohol at the weekend, all your hard work will have been for nothing. The odd drink may not derail your progress as we all need a little treat from time to time, but be careful not to over indulge as half a dozen will undoubtedly affect your progress. You can find all the information needed to structure a clean and healthy diet in our nutrition guide included in all of the program packages found at our website

Poor training programme

Training for fat loss is a very misunderstood concept. Fat loss requires a lot more than just cardio and building up your miles running on a treadmill. Weight training is great way to help you achieve your fat loss goals. Keeping your rest under 60 seconds and including training systems such as supersets are a great way to boost the intensity of your session. You can also try HIIT workouts, another great addition to your training routine. HIIT workouts are great at elevating your heart rate and also keeping your metabolic rate increased throughout the day. Our weight-loss program uses a mixture of conditioning/HIIT sessions, weights and a full nutrition guide – check it out by clicking the picture below:


Lack of motivation

If you are struggling to lose fat, it is easy to start losing that motivation to keep going. Losing motivation can make you skip workouts and make poor eating choices. To keep your motivation, to set yourself challenges/small and achievable goals that will keep you focused. Record your workouts so that you can see your progress. If you’re struggling find motivation, hiring a coach/PT can make a real difference! Check out our coaching packages here:

Lack of sleep

Sleep is vital when training. When you don’t get enough shut-eye, your cortisol levels go up, testosterone levels go down and insulin sensitivity decreases. These factors can lead to stress, weight gain and muscle loss. Sleep needs to be made a crucial component  alongside your programme – aim to get least 7-8 hours sleep.



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